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Carrier Features

·         5 Carrying Positions: Newborn Font Carry, Infant Front Carry, Newborn Hip Carry, Infant Hip Carry, Back Carry

·         2 Shoulder Strap Positions: Backpack or Crossed

·         Cinching hood that folds into carrier when not in use

·         Front Pocket

·         Built-In Infant Insert

·         Dual Adjusting Straps

·         Deep seat to keep even your toddler properly positioned

·         One size fits newborn through preschool years. 8-50lbs.

Technical Specs

·         Body: 19" Tall
15" Wide

·         Shoulder Straps: 3.25" Wide
21"-47" (19" of padding & 28" of webbing)

·         Waist: 25" - 59" (23" of padding & 36" of Webbing)

It is going to be necessary to clean your carrier from time to time, after all it is intended to be used often and little ones are experts at getting things dirty. Avoid letting your child eat or drink in the carrier to avoid unnecessary spills or stains. It is best to spot treat your carrier with a damp cloth and cool water to remove dirt or stains and then lay it flat to dry. If it is necessary to wash the entire carrier you will need to place it in a pillow case and wash it alone with cold water. Do not use bleach. Lay flat to dry; do not dry in the dryer. You may use a warm iron if necessary, taking care to avoid the webbing and buckles.

Warranty c/o O&A website
Olives & Applesauce Carriers are designed to be free of defects. We stand behind our products and will repair or replace free of charge any products that prove to have a manufacturers defect during the first year. Proof of purchase from an authorized retailer is required. Warranty is only valid for the original owner.

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