Kokadi Aqua sling - Aqua Wunderland sunset - Ring Sling

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kokadi AQUA

With the new innovative kokadi water products it is possible to wear your baby also in the water. Your baby and you can enjoy the water and have a lot of fun together. 

Benefits for you and and your baby: 

- safety holding
- You have your hands free to hold on the hand rail
- no gilding or slipping out of the hands
- perfectly support of the neck and the perfect position of the hip of your baby
- usable for newborns (please look for the water temperature als also for additives in the water! This product is not a help for swimming!!!)
- easy to handle
- fast drying

kokadi AQUA ringsling

attention: the slingrings are less then the normal slingrings and the contrive is a little bit difficult, but this ensure that the fabric do not glide or acommodating in the water. 

material: 82% polyester, 8% polyamid, 10% elastan, rings are aluminium
weight about 220 g/m², heavy quality
capacity: 15kg
Inkl. UV - protection UV 20

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