KAAS Kids Love Wompat carriers for their design and materials used. All Wompat carriers contain a woven wrap for the panel, with the basic model contain high quality cotton twill for the straps and waist band, and the deluxe model is a half wrap conversion  – where the entire carrier (except the inside of the body panel) is made entirely of the woven wrap fabric! If you are chasing a wrap conversion spot – then maybe the Wompat is for you!!

Wompat baby carriers are easy to use and the weight of the child is spread evenly over your hips and shoulders. A full buckle carrier is often more convenient outdoors: you don't have to worry about getting your baby wrap dirty on the ground.

Wompat carrier is ergonomic for you and your baby. The high panel part gives support to baby's back and neck. We have also added soft padding under baby's legs which prevents any pressure to your baby's thighs. The lower part of the panel creates a pouch for baby's bottoms and baby will easily take up an ergonomic frog leg position. A cute sleep hood supports baby's head while taking a nap

The baby carrier is Finnish-designed and hand-made from high quality, durable materials. The buckles and straps are high quality and designed to withstand stresses. Please follow the using instructions and how to take care of your carrier properly. Even if the fabrics are thick and durable, they do not withstand any sharp objects. Please make sure that your child can not chew the carrier with his teeth.

The baby size Wompat is suitable from birth and it can be used up to about 18 months of age. The medium size is for 1-3 year olds and the toddler size is designed for toddlers from around 18 months of age up to 4 years

Check the condition of the baby carrier and the fastenings of buckles carefully before the use and after each wash. Never use a broken baby carrier because it can endanger your child's safety!

With the Wompat baby carrier you can carry your baby at your front and on the back. You will discover what is best for you and your child, so do not be discouraged if the first experiment does not work that well. You might find it helpful to ask another adult to help putting the baby carrier on. When you have become familiar with the baby carrier, you will also be able to put it on to the front and back without any help. Use a mirror or mirroring surfaces (for example car windows or shop windows) as help! 

The Wompat baby carrier can be washed in a machine but it is better to avoid unnecessary washing, when possible. You can spot clean the carrier instead. We recommend a cool water (30 °C) wash and an unbleached detergent for delicates. Use only a small amount of washing liquid and do not use any fabric softeners. The remaining washing detergents can make the webbings sticky. Shape the baby carrier wile damp and dry it on the clothesline or lie it flat. The body part of the carrier can be ironed. 

Never open a buckle on the waist belt when the child is in the carrier! 

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